Meet our Cousin Larry Boyd!

Ever since I started the Family History Project in 2012-2013, the one branch of my direct line that eluded me was that of my Great Grandmother Caterina Torregrossa, wife of Francesco Torregrossa.  In the photos so generously provided by Betty Ann Torregrossa Falletta, Caterina appears as a modest woman with only the slightest smile.  She is usually surrounded by her children at large family outings or dinners.  Since my Dad never talked about Caterina and Francesco, except to mention that Francesco was part owner in a macaroni manufacturing business, I had no idea who Caterina was.

I also could not find any data about her life in Sicily since I never had the correct maiden name.  The variations of Caterina’s maiden name that I had access to all came from the marriage license applications of her children or from her death certificate.  Several variations in the spelling sent me on many fruitless searches at Ancestry.   The break through came with Betty Ann’s review of all the documentation and conclusion that the closest we could come was a maiden name of Giacone.  Which was not too far off, either.

Earlier this year Larry Boyd, a direct line descendant from the family of Giosue Giaconia and Domenica Fillipone Giaconia, contacted me via Ancestry.  We have a DNA match!  From our initial contact and going forward, Larry provided me with all the documentation I needed to support the relationship between Caterina and Enrichetta.  They were sisters who were born in Petralia Sottana, Palermo, Sicily in the mid-19th century.  Larry is descended from Enrichetta and her husband Luciano Di Gangi.  I will share more about Enrichetta and Luciano in future editions of the gazette.

Larry and I now exchange pleasant emails on a regular basis.  In September he took a trip to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks.  Larry took some photos which he shared with me that are featured at the end of this posting.  When I saw these photos I immediately sensed that he has an innate ability to focus, frame and select the composition for the photo.  Usually when someone goes on vacation I get many photos of the person in the foreground with the vacation location in the background.  Both kinds of photos are a good way to share the experience with others.  It’s just that I prefer the photos like the ones Larry shared with me since I get a real feeling for the place.  Also, through the way the person frames and chooses what to photograph you get a sense of who they are, too.

I was reminded of my late Uncle Robert Torregrossa, who was proficient enough in photography to have gone professional but chose instead to pursue it as a hobby.  He worked at Willoughby Peerless Camera during the 1950s through 1970s.  Anything I learned about how to compose a photo was through the guidance he so generously showed me from when I got my first Brownie camera.  I mentioned to Larry that there is a knack for photography that runs in my family.  Cousin Stephen Torregrossa is another photographer who had his own studio in Arizona before taking an early retirement.

Well, it turns out Larry’s daughter Julie Boyd is also a professional photographer!  At her website you can see some stunning photos of nature in all it’s raw and wild beauty.  Julie’s website is at   Please visit and see for yourself!

So not only do I have a new Cousin Connection in the present day but also a connection to the Giaconia family in my direct line.  I think I can say now that the talent in photography just may have come down to us from the Giaconia family line.

Photographs of Larry Boyd’s Late Summer 2018 Vacation to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks

(all photos property Larry Boyd and used with permission)

LBoyd Nat Pk Trip 1

LBoyd Nat Pk Trip 2

LBoyd Nat Pk Trip 3

LBoyd Nat Pk Trip 4

Relationship Notes

—Larry is the son of the late Stuart Edward Boyd (1922-1998) and Henrietta Frances De Gange Boyd (1923-2005).

—–Henrietta was the daughter of Ignacio Luciano Di Gangi (1897-1970) and Vincengina Frances La Torraca Di Gangi (1898-1926).

——-Ignacio was the son of Luciano Di Gangi (1871-1936) and Enrichetta Giaconia Di Gangi (1876-1929).

———-Giosue Giaconia and Domenica Fillipone Giaconia were the parents of:  Enrichetta and Caterina.

The shared common ancestors for Larry and me are Giosue Giaconia and Domenica Fillipone Giaconia of Petralia Sottana, Palermo, Sicily.


Time Travel with Cousin Betty Ann, Saturday, Oct. 13, 2018

Betty Ann Torregrossa Falletta is the daughter of the late Dr. Ermete  and Anna (nee Rossi) Torregrossa.  She is my Second Cousin 1x Removed along my paternal line.  Our common ancestors are the founders of our branch of the Torregrossa family in America, Alfonso and Benedetta (nee Di Francisco) Torregrossa.

Betty Ann and I enjoyed a leisurely telephone visit this past Saturday during which we caught up on events in our lives.  As always we devote some time to recall our family connections, childhood and our parents.  I was pleased to share with Betty Ann some news coverage from the late 1940s through early 1950s about her Dad.  I made the discoveries while researching the Brooklyn Public Library’s online archives.  I also utilized my access to the New York Times Time Machine, which is available to all subscribers.

In 1951, Dr. Torregrossa was honored with a dinner at the Raleigh Restaurant.  The notice of this event came from the January 25, 1951 edition of The Brooklyn Daily Eagle.  Having the name of the restaurant added to the fun of searching for additional information to find out what the setting for the dinner was like.  It turns out the Raleigh was a small restaurant making a name for itself in Bay Ridge with affordable dinners, live music and dancing later in the evening.  Here are a few of the news clippings I have added to Dr. Ermete Torregrossa’s profile in the family tree.  Betty Ann and I agree that little details like this help bring the person’s achievements and the time period they lived in to life.  A profile on a family tree is cold and very lifeless with just census records, dates of birth and death.  The attention to original research and detail pays off in a family tree that brings to life some details and achievements of our ancestors.

Here are some of the clips about Dr. Torregrossa and the Raleigh Restaurant.  Enjoy this little trip back in time!

85e=Raleigh Restaurant BDE 11-28-1947

Advertisement from the November 28, 1947 edition of The Brooklyn Daily Eagle.

Transcription of the above ad:

9110 Fourth Ave. SH. 8-1407
Bay Ridge’s Most Intimate Cocktail Lounge
Reservations for Banquets
Being Accepted

85e-Dr. Torregrossa BDE 1-26-1951

Mention of dinner honoring Dr. Torregrossa, Pres. of the Ridgeboro Medical Society.  The Brooklyn Daily Eagle, January 26, 1951.  Brief announcements such as these were common in newspapers during this time period.  They were like the announcements on Twitter or Facebook today.

The following is a write-up about the Raleigh Restaurant that gives us some idea into what Restaurant Row on 4th Avenue in Bay Ridge was like in the 1950s.  The area is still called Restaurant Row today and features a wide selection of different world cuisines through the dining establishments and cafes in the area.

Raleigh 1952a

Raleigh 1952b

Raleigh 1952c

Transcription of above article:

Brooklyn and Broadway

While the Kitchen remains the primary attraction at the Raleigh Restaurant in the Fort Hamilton area, the keyboard is now coming in for a mite more attention, on an experimental basis.  Dancing is now being offered for the first time on Friday nights in the big establishment along Restaurant Row, as some folks call that section of 4th Ave. stretching from 99th St. out to the Bay.

Some of the boro’s better dine and/or dance places are located in that area but in the five years the Raleigh has been included among them, music was considered merely an accessory for dining.  Technically, it still is, for dancing does not start until 9:30.  This serves a two-fold purpose.  It satisfied those who like to dine quietly, and saves the 20 percent entertainment tax which otherwise would be applied to dancers and non-dancers alike if music was furnished during the usual dinner hours.

The Billy Burns group supplies the dance tunes until 2:30 a.m.  The usual al la carte menu is provided with no advance in food or beverage prices.  Before 9:30, full-course dinners are still available from $1.50 up.  Items on the a la carte bill of fare are as reasonable, relatively speaking.  Raleigh is located at 91st St. and 4th Ave. and is open seven nights a week.


Tortorici Family Get-Together at Il Cortile, New York City, August 5, 2018

Dina Marie Tortorici-Biondolillo and Bill Tortorici-Frank are my Second Cousins through my paternal line.  Our common ancestors are Alfonso and Benedetta (nee Di Francisco) Torregrossa, the founders of our branch of the Torregrossa family in America.  Through the discovery of the gravesite of Bill and Dina Marie’s Grandmother Angelina Torregrossa Tortorici we were drawn together in an amazing and powerful way.  Every 6 months or so we get together to honor our family connections, share updates, offer encouragement and remember the family.

Our get-together was in the planning stages since Christmas 2017.  As the holiday progressed I was laid up with a viral infection.  After that Dina Marie was not well.  The the bitter cold winter of early 2018 kept us at home preventing us from travelling.  Spring 2018 was on the calendar for the get-together,  but then I had to work over Easter weekend.  We then considered June but as it turned out I was in the final stages of planning my relocation to New Jersey.

Dina Marie had car problems last week so our original plans for a lovely waterside restaurant in Bellemore, NJ were cancelled.  We agreed to meet up in Little Italy at Il Cortile.  It is in the very heart of the community where our Torregrossa and Tortorici family members lived during the early 20th century.  It seemed fitting as a choice.

The heat, difficulty of getting a cab, the crowded subway and heavy traffic made reaching Il Cortile a challenge.  Once everyone arrived our focus turned towards the  cool corner of the restaurant where we had our lunch.  Il Cortile has an indoor courtyard that is reminiscent of a courtyard in an Italian villa.  But given the heat and very bright sunlight our location within the inside dining area was more agreeable.

Over lunch I learned that Dina Marie and Freddie will fulfill their dream of relocating to Florida in August 2019.  I am so very proud of my Cugina Dina Marie because she went back to school and got her certificate of accomplishment for Microsoft Word and Excel.  After she and Freddie settle down in Florida she plans to look for a new full-time job.  Her confidence and careful planning will, I know, lead her to the right position.

Bill’s grandson Ian will move to Philadelphia where he got a new job.  Along with other developments we touched upon using Skype to stay in touch in the future.  I think this will take our relationship to a new level as time and distance will no longer present the difficulties that come when relatives move.  I’m looking forward to reporting on our cyber connections during future phone visits via Skype.

Here are some photos from our get-together.  The atmosphere at Il Cortile was very evocative of an old school Italian restaurant.  The menu was a good blend of traditional Italian food and nouvelle interpretations.  Il Cortile is located at 125 Mulberry Street in New York City.  We all enjoyed the atmosphere, the good food and service.  It turned out that although the planning of this get-together kept rolling ever onward it finally came together as a memorable afternoon.

Photos of the August 5th 2018 Tortorici Family Get-Together

tortorici family 8518b

Left to right:  Bill Tortorici Frank, Diane Robinson, EmilyAnn Frances May, Dina Marie Tortorici Biondolillo, Freddie Biondolillo

il cortile 2 8518~2

The front dining room near the bar.

il cortile 1 8518

The indoor courtyard.  In Italian “Il Cortile” means courtyard.

il cortile 3 8518

The bar at Il Cortile.

il cortile 4 8518

The waiting area near the front entrance and the bar.

Phone visit with Jackie, 7/29/18

Jackie Torregrossa Devery is the daughter of the late Al and Pat (nee Azzoli) Torregrossa. Her Dad was the younger brother of my Dad, Frank Jesse Torregrossa.

Jackie and I are the same age. We aren’t just first cousins. We are best friends and sisters-in-spirit.  When we were little girls,  Grandma Blanche and Auntie Maureen hosted regular sleep-overs where we enjoyed time together and entering the playworlds where our Barbie dolls lived.

Blanche was married to Alfonso “Al Terry” Torregrossa. Their children were: Frank, Alfred, Robert and Maureen.


Our Telephone Visit on Sunday, July 29th, 2018

Jackie moved to Catalina, Arizona from Oro Valley after Aunt Pat passed away. When she lived in Oro Valley there were regular visits from road runners and quail that passed through the backyard.  The wilder animals that inhabit Arizona visited less frequently. but when they did it could be frightening.  Once while Jackie was sitting in the backyard enjoying a glass of wine and taking in the striking view of the sky over the mountains  she heard a sound on the opposite side of the walled in backyard. A mountain lion was standing on the wall. Just as quickly as it had come, it quickly jumped off the wall and went towards the more desserted stretch of land that lie beyond the wall.


The past two weeks Jackie and her companion dog Chewie, a lovable Bichon Frise, had an unexpected visitor. Jackie thinks the little guy came in through the back door as she came in from the yard. At first Chewie was the one to notice the visitor. He’d attentively perk up and watch something move across the floor but did little else.

In the kitchen, Jackie started noticing a glimmer of something yellowish moving near the cabinets, counter tops or across the floor. After a few days of playing hide and seek, the uninivited visitor finally introduced himself by coming out in full view. Since he didn’t answer any questions Jackie called him Larry the Lizard. As the first week of Larry’s visit advanced he became less shy. Jackie and Chewie got used to him scampering about.

Towards the end of the second week, Jackie wondered if Larry would ever leave. His presence didn’t bother her but she worried he could starve for lack of something to eat. When she went out to the yard on Tuesday, Larry finally realized the way to get out of the house was the way he got in: through the door leading to the yard. Jackie met him in the yard again on Wednesday, August 1st. This time when he saw her come he looked at the door, looked at her, starting turning round , looked down and then ran away from the door towards the garden.

Jackie laughed when I told her she was just too, too much for Larry. Through this all Chewie remained calm and undisturbed.


I was reminded of one of my favorite outdoor pets when I lived in Boro Park. In the fall of 2013 I started to feed the squirrels that visited the courtyard of the house where I lived. The landlord didn’t mind. One of the squirrels climbed through a hole in the screen and would sometimes take a short nap on the outside windowsill of my bedroom during the cold winter of 2013 to early 2014. Whenever I opened the kitchen window to throw walnuts into the snow covered yard Mr. Grey the squirrel would come out and take the nuts away. Since squirrels usually build a drey high atop their selected tree I do not know why Mr. Grey preferred sleeping on the cold windowsill between the screen and the window near my bedroom.


Jackie informed me that her brother Steven is moving to Idaho to fulfill a long held dream. He is a professional photographer who has wanted to photograph nature and Yosemite Park for many years. Stevie plans to do that when he gets to Idaho. He does not have a specific time he will be there or clear plans to settle down. Stevie is going to live each day fully and see where the realization of this long held dream takes him. We wish him well and hope he has a complete renewal of body, mind and spirit. May he also have renewed inspiration for his creative work.



Debbie Milone: New York State Senate 2018 Woman of Distinction Award Recipient

Debbie Milone and Sen. Murphy May 2018

Senator Terrence Murphy and Debbie Milone during the presentation of the Award.  Photo courtesy John Milone.

To all my cousins from the Flashenberg and Rosenbaum lines and in the extended family,

Please join me in congratulating Debbie Milone, wife of our Cousin John Milone.  On May 1st, Debbie received the New York State Senate 2018 Woman of Distinction Award.  The award was presented by New York State Senator Terrence Murphy who praised Debbie in his comments during the presentation for her commitment, dedication and enthusiasm in her role as Executive Director of the Hudson Galley Gateway Chamber of Commerce.

Debbie lives and works in Peekskill, New York where the Chamber is located.  I can attest to the upbeat and sincere, heart-and-soul approach she has for her job and benefitting the community where she and John live.  From the very first time I visited Peekskill both Debbie and John have provided me with many details about the history and developments in Peekskill.  I always come away having enjoyed our visit and learning something new, as well.

I think Debbie sets a great example of how a civic minded person can combine a profession and service to their town and community.  She is an excellent role model for other young women aspiring to similar roles that favor the approach to get involved and work together.

Congratulations, Debbie.  And congratulations to John for having such an accomplished life partner to share this journey together.

Best wishes,

EmilyAnn Frances May


John Milone is the son of Anthony and Joan (nee Kennedy) Milone.  He is the grandson of Ben and Dorothy Kennedy.  We are related through our Great-Grandparents Benjamin and Tillie (nee Rosenbaum) Flashenberg.

In Memory: Sybil Arens Singer

Heartfelt condolences

I ask all my cousins who share ancestry through the line of Benjamin and Tillie Flashenberg to take a moment and focus on sending comforting thoughts to the family of Sybil Arens Singer.

Sybil was the Granddaughter of our Benjamin and Tillie by their daughter Belle and David Arens. On Saturday afternoon, April 7th,  2018 Sybil departed this life after a hospital stay of 15 days. I spoke with Sybil’s husband, Walter, on Tuesday, April 10th after receiving a notification that I had a voicemail message on my old cell phone. When I checked the message I could not retrieve the date or time. However, it was Walter who spoke and asked me to call.

When I called on Tuesday, Walter informed me he was thinking of me on Saturday but could not find any phone number in Sybil’s phone book.  We were both amazed at how a technical glitch in my old cellphone must have brought back an older message since I never cleared out the voicemailbox on it once I got my Android phone.

Sybil was an enthusiastic participant during the early days of building our family tree. We enjoyed many, many phone visits between 2014 to 2016. I learned much about the Arens family and drew close to Sybil as much as was possible by phone. I will always remember how we came together by a wonderful succession of events which began at Ancestry and was initiated by a relative named Jenny.   From the beginning there was a warmth and encouragement Sybil gave to us all.  It is reflected in the many details about her parent’s lives, especially her father’s years in the millinery business.  Sybil’s memories, so generously shared, formed the basis for the research I did on her family as well as the Flashenbergs.  When you read our family history blog or review the details about Ben and Tillie’s lives, you will find some of Sybil there, too..

Please contact me if you want to send the family a card but do not have the address.  Alternately, I can include any expressions of sympathy you wish to send to Walter, Marc and Sybil’s family in the card I will send.  Please contact me privately by email or use the contact form at this blog.  All replies will remain confidential and will not be posted here.

Thank you.

–EmilyAnn Frances May,  April 12, 2018


Late Winter-Early Spring News, 2018

 It has been a difficult winter for many people.  The flu hit very hard throughout the country and in some cases even those who had the flu shot this year did not escape it.  I was laid up with a viral infection that began on New Year’s Eve and continued throughout the first week and a half of January.  Since antibiotics cannot be used for a virus it was a case of letting it run its course and working on alleviating the discomfort while getting as much rest as possible.  Thankfully, I am back to my usual self and have some updates on the family to share with you.

The Milone and Kennedy Families

Cousin John had surgery in November of 2017 and his convalescence took a little longer than expected.  John and his wife Debbie stayed close to home while he recovered.  I’m so happy to report that everything with them is now good.  John is gradually getting back into the groove of daily life little by little.

Joan Kennedy Milone, John’s Mom, recently celebrated her 86th birthday.  John and Debbie came into Manhattan where they family hosted a big birthday bash for Joan at Tony di Napoli Italian Restaurant.  John’s brother Tom came up from Florida for a surprise visit and Joan was delighted.  Her appetite was great and she enjoyed her birthday dinner very much.

John reported that Joan said this was the best birthday party she ever had.  He then told me that she says this every year!


Best wishes to Joan Kennedy Milone.

From Brooklyn, New York I send out this big, bright birthday wish for Joan that she will have many, many more to enjoy.


EmilyAnn Frances May


Left to right:  Andy, me and Drew.  Andy and Drew are volunteer members of the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary and teachers of the course.

Many exciting developments and challenges await me in 2018.  My employer is growing and business with a major client is increasing.  Our client is a boat insurance company.  As part of the Quality Assurance Software Testing Team I have regular exposure to the software administration system we developed for this client.  To better understand boating and navigation terms and issues I took a one day “About Boating Safety” course taught by the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary on Saturday, February 10, 2018.

Here you see my instructors awarding the Certificate of Accomplishment after I passed the test.  I plan to take further coursework in the future.  What I learned in this class has helped me better understand the nature of incidents that lead to boating accidents when safety precautions are not adhered to.  In turn this helps me understand the type of claims filed.


Shore Road Sunset-Overlooking The Narrows-5:30 p.m. Monday, February 20, 2018

Monday, February 20th, 2018 was the first mild day that had a hint of Spring in the air.  It was warmer than usual at this time of year so I headed down to Shore Road for a walk.  Look at the beautiful shades of pink and blue in the sky.  It was so uplifting after weeks of grey, overcast weather or pale blue skies and cold winds.








Photos and text (c) EmilyAnn Frances May

Clipart courtesy of ClipArtLibrary

Happy Birthday:



Holiday 2017 News

I thought I’d share some news on the family I learned through holiday card exchanges.  Ecards are fast and convenient but for me an old fashioned greeting card is very precious.  It remains a reminder of the connection as well as a keepsake for my scrapbook.

john20and20debbie20milone20holiday202017-1_zpsbscpxdodThis cheerful, sparkly snowman came from Debbie and John.

Debbie and John Milone were in Brooklyn on December 13th.  They had a very pleasant lunch with John’s Mom, Joan Kennedy.  John’s Auntie Karen Kennedy, Joan’s youngest sister, also joined the get-together.  A good time was had by all.  I was invited to join but had to decline because of a project at work.  John, Debbie and I will get together some time after the holidays.

sybil20amp20walter20holiday202017_zpslnamwu7yThe sketches of pine cones and pine branches reminds me of what entries to a nature diary are like when winter comes.  Card from Walter Singer.

Walter Singer gave me an update on Sybil.  She is now living in a center where she receives full-time care.  Since her fall in 2013 Sybil cannot walk.  Walter said she’s coming along and strong as ever.  Her blood sugar levels are much lower so that’s also good news.  Walter and Marc visit her several times each week.  I also spoke with Walter on Wednesday, December   27th.  He’d be happy to pass on any greetings you have for Sybil.  You can do so by calling or writing Walter.  Or, you can get in touch with me and I can give you his contact info.


Shining snowflakes fall on a tall pine tree on a snow covered mountain.  This card evokes the beauty of the cold, wintry nights in the country.  From Barb and Julian Steven Kennedy.

Barb and Little Buster had a quiet Thanksgiving at home.  Then, during the first to second week of December, Little Buster was hospitalized.  He developed a staph infection (MRSA) that necessitated the stay.  Little Buster and I exchanged text messages when he first entered the hospital and later Cousin John Milone also contacted him.  He pulled through and was released in time to enjoy Christmas at home.


Holiday card from Ron Fanta.

I close this posting with the card from Cousin Ron.  The message of Peace on Earth becomes very real in a personal way for many of us during the holidays.  Let us continue to live with the hope that in the year ahead, that peace will also permeate socieities and the world.  True prosperity can only come where there is peace between neighbors, communities and countries.



Family Photos and Stories to Remember: Working with Betty Ann 11-24-17

Betty Ann Torregrossa Falletta is the daughter of Dr. Ermete and Anna (nee Rossi) Torregrossa.  She is a cugina (Italian for cousin) in every sense of the word.  On Friday, I enjoyed an afternoon that was a combination of a social visit with Betty Ann and her husband Nick plus a working session on our family tree.

Betty Ann has been a great help with making possible the creation of a brand new public tree at Ancestry.  She has taken on the enormous task of proof-reading each profile along the Torregrossa line and branch families.  My cousins along the Rosenbaum, Flashenberg and Kennedy lines are also contributing to the review of the lines by providing documentation or additional information.  The Serrapede, Muro, Aiello families and their branches along my maternal line are being worked on in collaboration with my Uncle Sam Serrapede, Cousin Michael Muro, Antonio Aiello and Rosina Coltellaro.  The results of all maternal line research is published at a separate blog.

The new tree is an amazing achievement.  We have NOT copied photos or data from other trees.  Instead over the past 18 months we have agreed that I keep private trees  to focus on one or two branches of the lineage.  As much as possible each entry has not only census records but vital records which were purchased for the sake of adding more factual data to each profile.  After proofing the data from the private trees it was copied to the new public tree.

I have discussed with several family members the marking of all photos–whether personal or shared–for purposes of attribution.  In addition, I am also collecting pertinent information to add to each photo or document we upload so that there is a summary for other researchers to refer to.

In time the screen shots of the first pages of all vital records will be replaced by high quality scans that again will be marked for purposes of attribution.  It is our gift to those researchers at Ancestry who are sincere and thorough in their tree building.  It is also the right thing to do since providing information that can be verified will go a long way, we hope, to make invalid the inaccuracies that proliferate when incorrect data is copied by others who are not carefully reviewing what they add to their own tree.

Friday was not all work.  Betty Ann treated me to brunch at the Bluebell Café near her condo in the Gramercy Park neighborhood of Manhattan.  I took a few photos of the shelves filled with delightful knickknacks and curios to share.

The Bluebell Café











Text & photos (c) EmilyAnn Frances May.


John & Debbie Milone: Heading south for Thanksgiving



John and Debbie are heading south for Thanksgiving.  The entire family will meet at Tom Kennedy’s home in Florida.  Joining will also be Tom and John’s mother Joan and sister Mikki and her family.

John, Tom and Mikki are the children of Joan Kennedy Milone and the late Anthony B. Milone.

Joan is the daughter of Benjamin and Dorothy Kennedy.

I wish my cousins and their extended families safe travel to and from their destinations.  May their holiday be filled with many loving memories of all we have to be thankful for.

I want to say a big “THANK YOU!” to John, Debbie, Joan and the Kennedy family for becoming part of my life.  You are all inspirations and examples to me in my life, especially Debbie.  Whenever the going gets tough I remember the big challenges the Kennedy family faced and how each member persevered

–EmilyAnn Frances May


Vintage Thanksgiving Post Card-Public Domain
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